Emily Terndrup & Derrick Belcham Present ‘Debut’

Emily Terndrup, who among many other brilliant moments in her various roles at the McKittrick is the one who blew your mind at the Carnavale with that amazing solo, is crowd funding what appears to be a really awesome project called “Debut.” 

We have a fantastic tradition in the SNM fan community of supporting precisely this kind of project. Click here to find out more and donate.

Hellooooooo Nurse. Austin Goodwin more like Austin Good at Everything.

Ernesto Breton gave me the best walkout I ever had.

Got a 1:1 I didn’t really want by walking out of the bathroom at the wrong moment.

A most delightful #wtfbreak

Packing in tightly for the last Interrogation; couldn’t see it but it was very good company!

Applauding when Ben Thys’ final 1:1 went to… William Popp

Standing next to Jeff Lyons while Tim Heck and Hope Davis did Kiss of Life, a scene I watched Jeff and Hope do together quite a few times

But the best part will probably always be

But seriously

Hire Ed Warner to be the Boy Witch. 


Where Juniper's Edges and Mine Become Blurred: The Problem With Sleep No More's Audience.

I love the parallels between “Sleep No More” and games, I really do. I love being responsible for my own journey through a story, and having to do some work in order to discover a narrative. I love that there are little errands and quests within the show that are given to different lucky audience members. I don’t want the 1:1 experiences to be removed. But how do you let the audience of 400 something people a night know that the experience of the show doesn’t have to include any one of these things? That their ticket price does not entitle them to a specific experience? And that the other audience members and the performers are not non-playable characters?

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sleep No More NYC.

Last night I dropped by Manderley for a drink with a Scorched reader in from out of town. I hadn’t been in several months. There are still familiar friendly faces, and I was so glad to see them. Lulu took care of me at the bar; I had a Paul’s Drink for old times’ sake. Heathens played two of my favorite songs, The Knife’s Heartbeats and Björk’s Unravel. It felt so good to be home again.

Three years ago today I set foot in that space for the first time. Mind blowing, life changing, heart rending, all of that was as yet still to come. It has changed so much in those three years, but it is still enchanted, and now full of precious memories for which I am enormously grateful.

Congratulations on your long, wonderous run, Sleep No More NYC.

Enjoy a literal bevy of your Sleep No More favorites in Ten Lil’ Indians' “And Then There Were None.”

Enjoy a literal bevy of your Sleep No More favorites in Ten Lil’ Indians' “And Then There Were None.”

With utmost respect and gratitude, a salute to Jeffery Lyon. 

With utmost respect and gratitude, a salute to Jeffery Lyon. 

A birdie tells me Jesus Christ Luke Murphy and Leslie Kraus will be joining the cast of The Drowned Man in January.

Stop. Doing. This. To. Me. Punchdrunk.

My deepest respect and gratitude to you, Luke Murphy. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me personally, you were what got me hooked. Never been so glad to have someone slam a door in my face. Thanks for that, and thanks for everything. You’re an artist I will always keep an eye on.


Chvrches at The Heath tomorrow night. A band I love playing at my favorite place in New York. 

Someone hook me up!

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