Thank you Ching-I Chang

Today we say thank you and best wishes to SNM-NYC original cast member Ching-I Chang, who we are told gave her final performance last night. A reader submits the following account:

Tonight was Ching-I Chang’s last night. I was soooo sad (I’m the same anon who wrote in last week saying that she was underappreciated amongst the fan blogs). I noticed that Jordan Morley was in the audience, and he followed her all three cycles (as did I). I didn’t know that it was her last night until after the second banquet scene, after she moved the trees, she and baldie (Hope Davis) and Jordan (in the white mask) gathered together and hugged each other. Then when she danced with the speakeasy (Jeffery), instead of handing her a card, he handed her a rose. Then I knew that it was her last night, so I definitely had to follow her the last time. During the last rave scene, the nurse and matron came down to watch. During her solo after the rave, baldie stayed to watch. After her solo, instead of exiting through the doors to the staircase nearest the rep bar, she went by the other way and met Lady Macbeth (Leslie Kraus), who hugged and kissed her for about half the length of High Street. I was extremely fortunate to get her very last walkout. She is an amazing performer, and I hope you would give her a well-deserved tribute for the more than two excellent years in the show. Thank you very much! It is a very very very sad day for me. She was my first ever 1:1 and will always have a special place in my heart.

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