Had an awesome first night in New York tonight!! After unfortunately flying in late due to plane issues between Orlando and Newark, we came in at 2pm rather than 10am, this included our plane turning around and going back to Orlando mid-flight and a whole lot of airport hangs, but that’s what holiday’s are about yeah? pfft.

Anyways, after checking in to our banging suite at The Hilton New York, Emina and I wondered off to the upper east side to my true American love, Betsey Johnson. I am so heartbroken her stores are closing down, but luckily they are in their last weeks because I snagged a gorgeous red velvet rose dress that was originally $395 for…… $25. Seriously, died and went to girly heaven.

After some shopping and the most amazing eggplant parmy I will ever encounter, Emina and I headed downtown to the McKittrick Hotel. This is an entire apartment block, totally decked out for a walk-through adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Now at first I had no idea what I was going into because this was Emina’s idea but I’m so glad I went, it was insane, totally 1920’s/1930’s, super freaky and violent and insane… I can’t even explain to you how awesome it was without you seeing it. Everyone had to be silent while in the hotel, and had to wear these fucked up masks which I got to keep. To anyone travelling to New York, I highly recommend you see Sleep No More, you won’t regret it.

Tomorrow is my first 4th of July in America and I’m looking forward to whatever the day and night brings. Keep in touch and I’ll update some photos tomorrow. Time for some much needed sleep! 

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