nightingalehangman said: In your expert opinion, does the Gallow Green "Little Sprouts" gardening event invitation signed by Annabella confirm her return to the hotel?

I no longer have:
-insider info
-expert opinion
-political obligations

As far as I know, no, Annabella isn’t back. She may have been just for that event, though.

It’s just come to my attention that Kristi Artinian is leaving the McKittrick Hotel.

You want an unsung and unseen heroine of the last three and a half years of magic? It’s her, hands down.

This would be a sign of the end times, if it weren’t for the crew she trained.

Many thanks for keeping us all safe and secure.

nightingalehangman said: you're alive again! good to have you back!

Yup sort of alive again. Not going to be like the last time around though, at all.

bloodwillhavebloodtheysay said: Jesus Christ Luke Murphy? I heard that was a thing again too.

Also nay, though yes I hear that’s a thing and I’m bouncing up and down in excitement about that too!

bloodwillhavebloodtheysay said: Olly?


Nope this isn’t about Jesse Kovarsky either.



(No it’s not Ed Warner, but… OMG!!!!!)

But seriously

Hire Ed Warner to be the Boy Witch. 


Number Sixty: Is that all there is… to life, and moving on with it?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Earlier today I was reading Lipstick Traces by Greil Marcus. I first read it in college in 2001 in a seminar on Marx and Nietzsche. It opened my eyes to a very different kind of scholarship and a very different way of thinking about cultural history. I love that book. But reading it again all these years later I was stunned by how differently I feel about it. The scholarship is still strong, well-argued, and illuminating; but now I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the absurd narcissism of the whole project. This whole book because Greil Marcus felt a need to justify how amazing he felt when he heard the Sex Pistols; he went so far as to ascribe an entire secret and unconscious chain of historical relations and intellectual antecedents to them to give them the profundity they’d earned in his heart. It’s kind of amazing, brilliant, and sad all at once.

I mention this all because at one point in the book, he uses a quote that I love from Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth. “People pay to see others believe in themselves,” she said, “on stage, in the midst of rock ‘n’ roll, many things happen and anything can happen, whether people come as voyeurs or come to submit to the moment.”

That sort of sums up my feelings about Sleep No More, sixty shows and 3.something years later. This is a very complicated recap, because it involves a lot of history, and personal experiences, and opinions. If you’ve read this whole blog and come on this journey with me, a lot of this will make sense. If you don’t like that I “speak with authority” about things, do me the favor and tune out now. If it bothers you that my opinions invalidate your experiences, that’s too damn bad, load your own opinions with more conviction next time around and stop trying to invalidate my experiences with your opinions… about my opinions. 

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Missed opportunities


I never saw Mateo’s Tuttle. I never saw Paul’s Fool. I never saw Jude’s Conrad. I never saw Tomislav’s Doctor. I never saw Jane’s Alice.

I once read a book about travelling the world, in which the prologue stated baldly, “you can’t see everything.” Much of this prologue was devoted to pointing out that round-the-world travel doesn’t entitle you to believe that every country, every landmark, every natural wonder is accessible in your lifetime, and that there will always be things other people talk about in hushed tones which you willneverget to see yourself.

Attending TDM (presumably this is also true of SNM) is a lesson in appreciating what you can have, not cursing what you don’t get. So I prefer to think about the wonderful, amazing moments I’ve had. Catching Leslie’s Wendy as she first emerged from her trailer at the start of my second visit, and having her all to myself as she danced through the trees. That remains, more than any 1:1, my happiest memory of TDM so far.

It’s all very well to bemoan what you’ve missed, but I’ve had eight 1:1s, two walk-downs and countless ‘moments’ with many of the characters. And this is already far, far more than most people attending the show will ever get. I have been blessed. I want more, of course, but everything from now on just adds to my store of riches. So although I have targets and plans for my next trip - all of which I know will be foiled to a greater or lesser extent - I am also content that I’ve had more unique delights from TDM than I’ve had from a good many experiences in my life.

Beautifully said.