the-floo-network said: So I am one of the new fans who have been sucked in immediately by SNM - and I have been trying to figure out (with the help of your spectacular cast list) which cast members I have seen so far. Upon checking your list, AND visiting last Friday...I STUMBLED UPON WILL AS THE PORTER. *tears* So Friday's may be your best bet to grab the awesome that is Will. My question though, is about one of the cast members who play the boy witch. He has dirty blonde hair, longish? Do you know who this may be?

Thanks for the tip!

As for your boy witch, sounds like that might have been Conor Doyle, who I am told is back in the mix.

It wasn’t Ed Warner, which is just obscene.

Also please note my cast list is way out of date; at-the-pit-of-acheron has carried that work forward.

kill-your-daleks said: I'm an Australian, and was lucky enough to see SNM last year. I think it changed me on a molecular level. Anyway - do you happen to know the likelihood of the show being extended past October 26th? I've been fortunate enough to manage a trip back to the States, but can't arrive in New York any earlier than October 30th. I feel like it might just about break my heart if I miss out by four days! I know you don't strictly have insider info, but any inkling you might have would be appreciated!

I don’t think there’s any need to worry about SNM closing until some time in 2015. And even then, I have my doubts. But you should be good for the remainder of this year.

So. Will Seefried has returned to the McKittrick for a limited run. Is it like he never left? No. It’s like he just kept getting better while he was away. Crazy new moves. Rolls around on the floor giggling and dancing with himself. Really knows how to drive his hand into his own back like he’s never been held before. Breaks your heart into a million pieces. Breaks the mirror into a million pieces, too (sorry to everyone who got 1:1s after me, and don’t worry Will, I was just as surprised as you were). Cries better than anyone else when that slore Boy Witch walks all over him. Makes a mess of the (incidentally: gross and barely edible new) white chocolate chips. Still does the thing with your legs, so long as your having been internet thirsty about it isn’t too creepy/intimidating, and still slams the gate right in your face. God bless him.

So  if someone wants to be a real dear and leak a couple of future performance dates I’d really, really like to go see Will’s Porter at least one more time before he goes away again. Y’all can email me at the usual place with tips, thanks!

IN OTHER NEWS there’s barely any other news from that show, other than that Erik Abbott-Main is a swell, verbose Banquo, and that seeing Maximilian and Violet together in the bar is a rare treat these days but fills my heart with glee. Can (and did) literally spend a whole loop just chatting with them and getting caught up on their plan to maybe shave Toledo.











Wow. Time flies.

Wow. Time flies.

Hellooooooo Nurse. Austin Goodwin more like Austin Good at Everything.

Ernesto Breton gave me the best walkout I ever had.

Got a 1:1 I didn’t really want by walking out of the bathroom at the wrong moment.

A most delightful #wtfbreak

Packing in tightly for the last Interrogation; couldn’t see it but it was very good company!

Applauding when Ben Thys’ final 1:1 went to… William Popp

Standing next to Jeff Lyons while Tim Heck and Hope Davis did Kiss of Life, a scene I watched Jeff and Hope do together quite a few times

But the best part will probably always be

queenofthesplitseam said: You've said in the past that castmembers can easily recognise return visitors even when masked, do you have any knowledge on how they are able to do this? Is it just hairstyles and rewearing items of clothing, or is it more to do with build, gait, posture, etc.? Given that the masks are supposed to give the audience anonymity, I've been wondering how easy it is for a many time return visitor to actually be anonymous.

Hair, build, gait, body language. Also, the mask reveals quite a lot of area around your eyes and you’d be amazed by how much facial recognition that makes possible. The combo of all those things means a returner can be pretty easily spotted.

Jesus Christ Will Seefried is coming home to the McKittrick and I am just like…

…. do the thing with your legs do the thing with your legs do the thing with your legs

Okay and also drooling a lot.

nightingalehangman said: In your expert opinion, does the Gallow Green "Little Sprouts" gardening event invitation signed by Annabella confirm her return to the hotel?

I no longer have:
-insider info
-expert opinion
-political obligations

As far as I know, no, Annabella isn’t back. She may have been just for that event, though.

It’s just come to my attention that Kristi Artinian is leaving the McKittrick Hotel.

You want an unsung and unseen heroine of the last three and a half years of magic? It’s her, hands down.

This would be a sign of the end times, if it weren’t for the crew she trained.

Many thanks for keeping us all safe and secure.